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Papoutsi fits exactly according to the size chart below.
Measuring feet is a precise job.

Why the right size?

The right size is important for the greatest pleasure without unnecessary wear.

The shoes can shift with you by 1 to a maximum of 3 sizes.

This is because leather has this property.

And Papoutsi is made of 1 piece of leather, and it does not have to adjust to the limitations of a fixed shape undersole.

The laces allow you to adjust the shoe as needed.

This is a continuous process, as small feet grow and adult feet can change size under the influence of temperature, among other things.

So in use, the shoe changes with the foot, and not the other way around.

That will make you and your feet smile!


How to choose the right Papoutsi size?

Step 1 - Always measure both feet

Step 2 - Use the drawing for support

Step 3 - Place the foot on a paper and stand up straight

Step 4 - Let the feet carry the entire body weight

Step 5 - Have another person measure your foot length.

Step 6 - Outline the foot - pen perpendicular to the paper

Step 7 - Draw a horizontal line along the longest toe point

Step 8 - Draw a horizontal line along the heel

Step 9 - Measure the distance in a straight line between toe and heel line

Step 10 - Use the longest measured foot length

Step 11 - Do not add extra cm, 1 cm extra space is already included.

Step 12 - Choose the size closest to the foot length.

Step 13 - The foot length in the table is the lower limit of the foot size

Example : Your foot length is between 23.8 -24.2 = size 37 is fine.

You are always welcome for support.



  • For Papoutsi vegan; Is your foot length between two sizes?Then choose the largest size. Because the vegan material does not run out.


  • For Papoutsi sizes 29/30 - 31/32 - 33/34 and 35/36; is the foot length inbetween 2 sizes? Then choose the largest size.