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Papoutsi’s runs true to our size chart


How to choose the right Papoutsi size?


Step 1 -   Always measure both feet

Step 2 -   Use the drawing as support

Step 3 -   Place the foot on a paper and stand up straight

Step 4 -   Let the feet fully carry the body weight

Step 5 -   Outline the feet perpendicular to the paper

Step 6 -   Draw a horizontal line along the longest toe point

Step 7 -   Draw a horizontal line along the heel

Step 8 -   Measure the distance in a straight line between the toe and heelline

Step 9 -   Use the longest foot length in the table

Step 10 - No extra cm added, there is 1 cm extra space already incl.

Step 11 - Choose the size that is closest to the foot length


For Papoutsi vegan; Is your foot length between two sizes?

Then choose the largest size. Because the vegan material does not run out.