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Guarantee/product knowledge


Papoutsis will give you that feeling of walking barefoot.

They offer the protection of a second skin. They are breathable and warm. A piece of art adorning your feet.

Papoutsi Shoes wishes you comfortable and cosy moments. 

Wear them indoors like slippers and outside like shoes.

Comfort, warm feet, being well grounded, developing your foot muscles, being able to move your feet freely: these are the great extras that Papoutsis will offer you.


Papoutsis are made from one piece of material

With the exception of the heel.

This means the shoes have a minimal amount of pressure points, allowing you to move as freely as possible.

The thickness of the leather depends on the length of the foot.

Papoutsis are sturdy enough, and yet flexible, allowing you to experience all these benefits.

The inside is wonderfully soft for extra grip, warmth and comfort.


Papoutsis do not have an additional protective sole, and that is intentional.

This would impair the benefits of the shoes.

Because Papoutsi shoes will shape themselves to your feet and not the other way around.

Due to the absence of a sole you will be able to track your foot strike using the underside of your Papoutsis.

Additional soles are usually intended to protect the underside of the shoe.

Synthetic soles prevent the transmission of energy and therefore influence the grounding of your body.

These are the key reasons why Papoutsis do not have soles. 


100% Vegan Papoutsis and moisture

Papoutsi Vegan are made with high-tech, environmentally friendly material.

Papoutsi 100% Vegan are waterproof. The outside will repel moisture for quite a while.

Even if moisture does enter the shoe, the features and look of the shoe will remain intact.

Even after air drying.

In case of mud, just clean your Papoutsis with a little water and a piece of cloth. Easy peasy!

Do not clean your Papoutsis with anything other than water.

Never use solvents to remove stains. This will irreparably damage the material.

The inside is perfectly breathable, wonderfully soft and extremely durable.

You'll be amazed by this 100% Vegan alternative to leather!


100% Leather Papoutsis and moisture

When wearing Papoutsis, you're wearing a beautiful piece of vegetable-tanned leather. That has many advantages.  

The leather of the Papoutsis has not been treated and is totally natural. Untreated leather becomes susceptible to damage when wet.

Just like our own skin.

The leather could become irreparably damaged (tearing) or wear faster (holes).

You do not walk on Papoutsi shoes on a wet surface and during a rain shower.


Wet Papoutsi shoes;

- should not be worn until they are completely dry again.

- are best filled with scrunched-up newspaper that will absorb the moisture.

- should be left to dry slowly and naturally. Just leave them be.

- should not be put on or near a radiator or other heat source.



The 100% vegetable-tanned leather Papoutsis are not suitable for use on wet surfaces and should be kept away from moisture. Leather will become less flexible once it has been wet. After drying and once you start wearing the shoes again, the reduced flexibility will be restored due to your body's heat. It might also be a good idea to use a bit of natural leather grease, such as "Papoutsi Greasy Delicious". 


After drying and maintenance you can start wearing your Papoutsis again!


Lifetime of Papoutsis

depends on:


  •   Body weight
  •   Choosing the right size
  •   Type of surface the shoes are used on
  •   Weather and moisture
  •   Your personal foot strike
  •   Walking movements/balance/your own motorics


These natural influences, such as foot strike and balance/walking movements/motor control, are particularly changeable in children.

The lifetime of the Papoutsis may therefore differ from any previous experiences you may have had during a particular phase in the child’s life.



We cannot influence your use of the Papoutsis.

Therefore, the leather is not covered by the warranty.


Papoutsis will become your feet’s best friends.

They will do so by taking on the shape of your feet.

We understand that you would like to use them for as long as possible.

Papoutsis don’t last for ever, however, and that is only natural: every living and moving thing is impermanent.

Sometimes you do not expect or want this. But leather soles are impermanent.

We at Papoutsi recognize the natural lifetime of our product.

Please feel free to share your experiences with us, also with regard to the warranty.

We would be happy to think along in order to find a solution or, if necessary, a compromise.


We want you to be happy with your Papoutsis in every phase of your life.

We also hope that our service and advice and the offered product knowledge will enable you to enjoy your pair of Papoutsis for as long as possible!



New: It might be necessary to slightly adjust the standard Papoutsi design to your feet.

This could mean shortening the sealing tongues in case of narrow feet, for example, or lowering the heel (tongue). It is best if you come to our workshop for this. That way, we can decide on any changes together.

You can also contact us by phone or e-mail before sending the Papoutsis to us for a customization.

For this extra service we charge a fee of € 10 per pair, excluding shipping costs.


A hole in your shoe?

The best solution is a new insole. Made from, our own quality, leather. You put this in the shoe, so that a new tread is created from the inside. The hole remains, so does the walking pleasure. This way you can do a little longer with your couple, which you are used to.

The insoles can be ordered via the webshop or by e-mail. The insoles can be trimmed yourself, so that they get your unique shape.

You may also send us a full-size scan of your pen-drawn foot shape by email. Then we check whether it fits within the standard form. As a service, we adjust the insoles by hand, to your foot shape.


We would prefer to repair a broken heel cord ourselves.

For this service we only charge shipping costs.


Additional beads, cords and stoppers are always available and can be ordered in the webshop.  

Papoutsis do not have any other parts or materials.


This simplicity is what makes Papoutsis shoes such a luxury item: treat your feet to luxury!