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"Papoutsi invites you for an everyday barefoot experience,
so you can feel the benefits"

Why, for who & when?

"Papoutsi is something special, something extra, in addition to other footwear with a protective sole. Each footwear has its own, unique, and most ideal moment of use.

So does Papoutsi shoes."


You choose Papoutsi for precisely that special and extra added value, like;

  • the (vegetable tanned real leather or vegan) material
  • the natural tones
  • 100% EU from start to finish real handicraft from our Dutch studio.
  • the beautiful (and flexible) fitting.
  • or perhaps because of the lack of an extra sole.


"Papoutsi invites you to be. Dutch design, with a touch of the past, in a wonderful most susutainable quality we could offer nowadays.

As a true experience; to be on the road as free as possible and to keep moving.

Literally and figuratively. An experience whose result is (honestly) returned to yourself.

Or your child. Optimal contact with the substrate offers wonderful added value at any age. The result of which becomes socially, emotionally and / or physically visible. The form, our intention, and the added value lead us to make a beautiful additional product.

What our little ones and you may touch.

Papoutsi is the power of walking barefeet, with just that little bit of extra luxury and protection, if needed."


Papoutsi on you feet, wherever you go and want to be

  • for everyone, kids and adults, male and female
  • size 18 up to 44
  • all seasons, in- and outdoor use
  • stimulates strong earthing, in other words, grounding

  • dutch handmade, in our own studio

  • vegetable tanned and chrome-free leather

  • adapts your footshape

  • pure luxury for comfortable moments


The unique fit of Papoutsi

Papoutsi does have a unique fit

Just as a pure second breathable skin

Close the sturdy, yet flexible, leather to the shape of your feet.

Feeling grounded, in a comfortable, protected and optimized manner.

On a hard, soft, even or uneven surface

Papoutsi adapts to your foot.     


Feeling confident and comfortable

Papoutsi protects the kids and adult feet while walking and moving.

Just as  a smooth leather sole can do.

Papoutsi wishes  to enable toddlers and preschoolers  to climbing and scrambling freely.

Through direct contact with the surface, Papoutsi provides a sense of safety and security.

Papoutsi encourages  free movement by feeling safe and sound


Papoutsi keeps you in contact with the ground under your feet.

Being well-grounded promotes a self-conscious and self-assured movement. Which is te best basis for a safe, free and most natural movement

And that is a nice added value from Papoutsi. From the first steps of the smallest.

But also for you as an adult.

Papoutsi promotes being well-grounded and so your well-being and existence in your life.


Use Papoutsi indoors and outdoors

You wear Papoutsi at home, daycare, at school, on the road or work.  And during recreational and relaxing forms of movement such as; dance, eurhythmy, drama, drama, cycling, during and (after) yoga and meditation practice. Actually everywhere there, where you prefer to be barefoot or want to be.

Papoutsi follows your own movement,  every moment of the day.