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Papoutsi shoes en Artist Saskia de Korte Glückwunschkarte - Joyfull kids

€ 1,50 


Papoutsi shoes and artist Saskia de Korte

Papoutsis are handmade in the Netherlands.

Handmade by my hands and additional hands of people who are temporarily contributing to Papoutsi. These are special people who are supported by Papoutsi in their personal life.

Or in the case of Saskia, in her professional life.


Saskia draws. Why?

Because something inside her compels her to do so.

Drawing is what Saskia loves doing best.

For you, the other, she would love to draw a birth card, an invitation, a portrait or an illustration.


Papoutsi and Saskia.

A meeting, followed by contact moments.

That is how this series of cards came to be. With nice and cosy Papoutsi moments.

Saskia’s hands and Papoutsi’s wishes for you.


Papoutsi exists thanks to the strength of people.

Papoutsi is about you, me and the other.

Using this form of entrepreneurship I add extra value; the value of the product as a means.

Papoutsi as a means to let people live their own values, moving freely.

That is how Papoutsis hands and your feet are connected.